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Privacy Notice

My transaction safe?

Littlewooods appreciate the detail of your safety. We use to prevent potential hackers standard encryption methods. "Encrypt" your information into a special code that can decode the computer's only digital partner.
What do you think about gathering information about me and why?

Direct Shop Home Shopping Limited ( "Direct Shop") offers your product, controller for the information you. When ordering goods Commercial Direct Finance Limited ( "SDFC") granting loans, provided the state and organized for other products, financial services and ordering information when you apply for the loan account or Other financial services products. Direct Shop and members SDFC Boutique Direct Group ( "Group / Company"). Personal Finance Solutions Ltd. (a joint venture with SDFC) and Home Shopping Personal Finance Limited (a joint venture with Direct Shop Financial Services Limited (another company) i), and these joint ventures and other joint ventures a 'From time to time, we can give you covered other lines of credit by state products and / or financial services. By providing information to the Direct Store and SDFC you agree to share with the company.

How we use your information

Direct Shop and SDFC uses the information you provide to us:

Supply of goods and services. As part of these services, your personal information to agents, service providers, employees and the company can be transferred. In some cases, your data outside the European Economic Area is transferred. In this case, we appropriate the security measures to protect your personal data.
If we need any relevant regulatory authority or any other person to put your information open when there is a legal obligation to do so.
Contest management or contest you can enter.
To analyze your purchasing preferences as part of our marketing plan, we may share this information with other brokers for this purpose and to share. This we choose, and customized products, services or special discounts helps, and that you think of. In our understanding of people who are interested This information can also be part of our staff training programs.
For marketing. We will send you our products and services brochures, catalogs and other promotional materials. We can also detail or market research or draw services discussed with you by phone or e-mail. We also include a third party with our report and brochures or product or service manuals for additional information. Direct Shop, SDFC affiliates can either the third partner by mail, phone, e-mail, SMS or another appropriate method to achieve chosen to contact you. If you do not want a third party or Direct Shop, SDFC or a group of companies for marketing purposes and returns the "unsubscribe" section.

We can on the (for example, social media sites) Internet to facilitate access to public information are relevant to you, to prevent fraud, authentication and marketing from time to time.

Direct Shop, SDFC or companies to monitor or ensure phone conversations with you consistent service levels, prevent or detect fraud and for training purposes. Loan application

If you apply for credit, search CFDS your records in one or more of the credit reporting agencies, credit information and SDFC voters provides information. CFDS will use credit scoring methods to assess your claim and confirm your identity. For SDFC and / or offices to check your credit and financial cooperation with you and more information can be used for SDFC and others when you make credit decisions about you or other members of your family. If you have a joint credit program or a joint credit account run with them, your contact with another person. Even if your application does not look for credit reports and the details on that application will add to your record. SDFC rating services and processing of applications, the application will be recorded in credit reference.